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Welcome To Scandinavian AirShips

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We help you be more visible than any other when you want to get across a message to very many people in a short time. We have the solutions to suit most occasions and the solutions that do not exist, we will invent for you.

Malmöfestivalen 2011

Malmöfestivalen needed some extra punch this year. No problem for us at Scandinavian Airships, we installed lots of decoration at the festival. See below:

Planetarium Dome at Anna Lindhs plats.

Tripodballs along the quay at Posthusplatsen.

Tripodballs at the central.

Multimedia Dome at Stortorget.

Wireball at Raul Wallenbergs Park.

For more pictures please visit our facebook page:

Harry's Pubs

Harry's got theirself a multimedia dome mounted on their roof the other day ... Talk about Falkenberg residents know wich pub to go to at night!

Brokerage Company Pontuz Löfgren

The brokerage company Pontuz Löfgren in Växjö showed its presence when it was time for singalong with a giant lightball at 4.5m in diameter. No matter where you turnedm, the ball was there, right in the spotlight!
Soon, the same lightball will be up in Kalmar, where Pontuz Löfgren also has an office.

The Hultsfredfestival

Finally it was time for the Hultsfred festival, and we then had the honor to decorate a few places in the area that needed spruce up. We worked with graffiti artists who took one of our products to another level, see pictures below!

Campaign for The Hultsfred festival

After a long and enjoyable campaign with the Hultsfred festival, we finally reached the goal!

Totally there were 10 flights with both the 11m radio-controlled airship and our manned 30m zeppelin in different festivals around Sweden, where there was potential festival visitors.

Visit the Hultsfred festival Facebook page:

Creative solution in the dark that truly amazes you!

When we decided to start with projections we did it together with our hot air balloon, of course.

  • 20m high tethered balloon
  • Up to 300m2 surface for projection/side
  • Mobile solution
  • Moving or fixed image
  • visible from afar
  • Low cost per contact

Of Course we can project onto other objects also like cars, ships, power plants, water towers or even house facades!

Please contact Olof or Erik for more info.

The Carl Werner-Mall, Lund

The Carl Werner-mall wanted to appear a little extra in connection with Lundakalaset, which is largely held at the town square in Lund. This we solved with a 6m Ground-anchored ball mounted on the ceiling above the mall.

The restrictions are few when it comes to us! To solve this task we had to build a platform that was placed on top of the oblique roof above the Carl Werner-mall.

May Day, Malmö

This weekend went about 16 000 May Day-celebrating Malmö citizens to Pildammsparken to witness the traditional fireplace. We set up 17 pc light balls of different sizes to illuminate the walkways and create a magical feeling in the park. Inside the park Malmo City offered a rarely seen entertainment ranging from drummers to projections on the trees.

Tethered Hot Air Balloon For Media Markt, Kalmar

Not only was there a football game, it was the opening ceremony of Guldfågeln Arena, Media Markt took the opportunity and struck with a 25m high balloon. The message highlighted particularly well with our new interior balloon lighting for the 12 000 visitors.

Tethered Hot Air Balloon at Stora Bernstorp, Malmö

Today we began a yearlong campaign for Madia Markt, about 20 flights planned spread out over the year, and this was the first!
The balloon was tethered on a field next to Media Markt, next to Road 11 and E6, we estimate that a total of 22,000 cars and 26,000 people saw the balloon during the morning traffic based on data from the Traffic Office (Trafikverket).

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